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Spend valuable, business-building time with two authentic, successful veteran VAs who really get what you go through … and discover the keys to not only running a great rock-solid, income-generating business but also find out exactly what NOT to do so you can keep yourself in the game no matter what challenges come your way


Invest in Yourself and Your business with this VA Webinar series  (PLUS AWESOME BONUS sessions) of powerful, informative, strategy-building workshops, designed to help you up-level your virtual assistant business, or even start one from scratch!

Week 1 Feedback:

“I attended yesterday’s first session and I found it to be very helpful.  I enjoyed it very much.” ~ Barbara Gilbert, My Essential Office Assistant

“Thank you for the great session on Tuesday; you delivered so much valuable information… I’m looking forward to the next session!” ~ Sheila Penton, Online EA

The Series will be offered in Webinar Format to work through at your own pace.  Work through the learning slowly and methodically or as quickly as you want.  We have some AWESOME Surprise Guest Speakers that YOU WON’T WANT TO MISS!!
Coming to a Computer Near you.
Elayne Whitfield & Pam Ivey

There is one thing any VA can not afford to do, and that‘s go it alone.

Working on your own can give you a great sense of freedom and personal accomplishment, but at the same time, it can be lonely clicking away on the keyboard with no one to talk to who really gets the biz (you know what we’re saying – your guy (or gal), your friends, your family — anyone who isn’t a VA just can’t totally relate). And that’s simply not good for you or your business.

When you’re struggling with a problem, be it managing a difficult client, pulling your hair out trying to learn a new technical program or riding a frustrating wave of unpredictable income…even if you’re an established VA who has a team, there are still challenges when you’re where the buck stops.

We know, cause we’ve been there, too.

As long-time VAs (we have been at it for over 10 years each), we’ve pretty much experienced every conceivable challenge there is in the biz. But we’ve also lived some very great highs.

We’ve both suffered through times when we’ve wondered if the vast world of potential clients had suddenly moved to another planet, and other times when we’ve been so busy, we can’t breathe and then the dreaded thought of dropping the ball became all we could focus on.

When we started out, we went it alone. We didn’t have mentors and others to guide us. But after we graduated from the school of hard knocks, we became determined to help other VAs succeed by imparting our knowledge about both the good and the bad. In fact, we both run Canadian VA associations with the intention of shortening the learning curve for new VAs and bringing new trends, technologies and information to all VAs.

Here’s the thing: what you DON’T know CAN hurt you. Do you:

chedk have a fail-safe marketing system for attracting your ideal clients?
Testimonial - Pam Ivey even know who your ideal client is?
chedk know exactly how much money you need to make per month/year to make your business work?
Testimonial - Pam Ivey consistently sign the potential new clients you speak with?
chedk know how to set and raise your rates so you’re always charging what you’re worth?
Testimonial - Pam Ivey Wish there was a way to earn more from your clients without working more hours?
chedk grasp how to effectively work with sub-contractors? Or BE an effective subcontractor?
Testimonial - Pam Ivey wish that you could let some difficult clients go because there were others knocking on the door?
chedk wish that you had the passion and energy for your business that would make you SPRING out of bed every morning excited for the day ahead?


Many VAs, whether beginners or experienced, can be challenged at any time by any of these issues. The good news is, we will show you tried and tested strategies, it won’t matter what happens with clients, a fluctuating economy — even if you change your focus, and/or your niche, you’ll have the necessary foundation that grows with you as you grow and change. The other really important thing is you need support.

You can’t do it alone. Or you can…just not as well.

Remember what we said about not going it alone? Becoming part of a greater network of VA peers helps you keep perspective, boosts you up when times are tough and cheers you on as you celebrate your successes.

And you know what? We’re all over that!

If you don’t already know, Elayne was director and co-founder of the Canadian Virtual Assistant Connection (CVAC), and Pam was the owner of the Canadian Virtual Assistant Network (CVAN). Together we’ve  created The Canadian Association of Virtual Assistants and amassed a huge VA peer community across Canada, the U.S. and even Europe and Australia, and it’s happened because we’re staunch supporters of our VA colleagues. We want to see you succeed!

Listen. You don’t have to go after the big guns. These webinars aren’t about growing to 6 figures in no time flat. They are about maximizing your and your business’ potential. Whether you’re a one-person VA show who simply needs a second family income, or you’re someone who strives to build a legacy business, the principles of running a thriving VA organization are all the same. You still need to understand systems, processes, how to manage client expectations, manage your time, your team and keep learning new skills that wow your clients.

And this is this series that will definitely put you on the right track!

Check out the Webinar Overview
We have some AWESOME Surprise Guest Speakers that

This series of informative, strategy-building webinars is designed to help you up-level your virtual assistant business, or even start one from scratch!

This Series is ideal for you if…

bullet-purple-check You are keen on learning the ‘latest and greatest’ when it comes to building a successful virtual assistance business.
bullet-teal-check You want to learn from a couple of long-time veterans with proven track records — industry leaders with real life experience who know how to teach it.
bullet-purple-check You’re contemplating a leap into the world of entrepreneurialism and jump-start your own virtual assistance business.
bullet-teal-check You’re newer to the VA industry and would like to learn how to quickly move things forward.
bullet-purple-check You’re already kicking butt in your business BUT you’ve hit a threshold and want to know how to turn it up and turn it on.
bullet-teal-check You’re someone who’s ready to roll up your sleeves, take action and implement what you learn to crank up your VA business.

Pam Ivey Testimonial

Testimonial - Elayne Whitfield

Pam Ivey Testimonial

Testimonial - Elayne WhitfieldPam Ivey TestimonialTestimonial - Elayne WhitfieldTestimonial - Pam Ivey

Here’s are the TOPICS that we’re covering (click here for more details on the webinar topics)

bullet-purple-check A rock-solid plan for creating more revenue
bullet-teal-check How to speak for profits – gaining new clients and elevating your professional status through speaking at live events
bullet-purple-check Hiring or being an awesome sub-contractor – whether you’re looking to join a dynamic team or add to your current one, we’ll take your through the pros and cons, ins and outs, ups and downs of both sides of the fence.
bullet-teal-check Being proactive and creating happier clients – Why you MUST and how to effectively do it. (Hint: this can seriously boost your business AND your bottom line!)
bullet-purple-check We’re going to teach you a “magical” system for determining your ideal service offerings that are perfect for YOU
bullet-teal-check How to win new clients and build your VA business by successfully responding to RFPs
bullet-purple-check Several different and smart ways to create more revenue in your business, through current and new clients
bullet-teal-check How to get on the first page of Google with press release marketing — FAST, with this proven method

What this series  is NOT:

not This is not a bunch of flimsy business ideas. This is the real deal of using proven strategies to build your virtual assistance business.
not It’s not a bunch of fluff speakers. This series is all us. This is not a pitch-fest with a bunch of speakers who could care less about your business success. You’ll gain a full notebook and step-by-step plan to implement what you learned in the most efficient way possible.
not This is not us being talking heads with no involvement from you. This is a great opportunity to get fully involved in various strategies we teach that show you how to lay out a great plan to move your business forward. You will also have the opportunity to network throughout the day with other local professionals; virtual assistants who are as committed to growing their business as you are.
not This is not just for beginners. What you will learn can apply to various levels of business. We can assure you, in this fast paced training you WILL gain insights you can apply immediately to take your business to the next level regardless of where you are at.

We could tell you this is a no-brainer investment, and that what you are investing compared to what you will learn and experience is nothing.

But truth be told, if you have to question investing a few bucks to learn from two of the industry’s top Virtual Assistance Leaders, then this may not be for you.

We know this sounds kind of tough, but facts are facts. Successful Virtual Assistants know they have to invest in their business and stay on the leading edge of information, trends and strategies.

For a limited time, this awesome webinar series is priced at $97 that can be paid in 1 payment or spread over 2 smaller payments.  Any ONE of these webinars is worth that AND will pay for itself.  You really can’t afford NOT to attend.

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We are Canadian!but we Welcome EVERYONE!!


Invest in this Webinar At No Risk!

We’re confident that you will be thrilled with our VA Learn2Earn Webinar Series. We also know that if you follow the steps and do the work, you will enjoy a business-transforming experience.

Just to back that up, if you’re not thrilled with the training, simply let us know within 5 days and we’ll refund your investment.